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Noble Products 3 Box Wire Wall Mount Glove Dispenser

Item #: 394RWGD3
  • Wall mount design saves storage space
  • Holds up to three boxes of disposable gloves
  • Easy and sanitary storage method
  • Open left side for easy refilling
  • Mounting hardware included

This handy Noble Products wall mount glove rack is designed to hold 3 glove boxes for easy one-at-a-time dispensing. Every business has had to deal with misplaced gloves at some point. Not only does it slow things down, but it also looks bad to customers. With this convenient rack, you can eliminate the possibility of cross contamination from counter tops while ensuring that your staff always knows where the gloves are for a more efficient operation and an improved customer experience.

This handy glove rack is designed to hold three boxes of disposable gloves at once! Take advantage of its three-tier configuration by storing latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves in one convenient location. The see-through construction allows employees to easily identify the types and sizes of gloves that they need for maximum efficiency! Plus, with its open left sides and individual compartments, it's easy to slide empty boxes out for quick replacement without having to remove the other boxes. Place this glove rack near high-demand areas such as food preparation counters and sinks for maximum effectiveness. Its wall mount design keeps gloves clean and dry while also saving valuable storage space. Mounting hardware is included for quick installation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 9 3/8"
Depth: 3 1/4"
Height: 17 3/4"


Product Reviews

- Nathaniel S.

Decent glove rack. It is wire so it is not extremely sturdy or durable, but if mounted to a wall holds normal sized boxes of gloves just fine.

- Thomas B.

The Noble Products 3 Box Wire Glove Rack is a little flimsier than I anticipated but it gets the job done. We use a lot of gloves in our prep station and it fits all sizes to accommodate our kitchen staff

- Greg W.

Gloves are an essential part of our deli operation. This rack is nice for storing extras and easy access for employees to grab what they need

- Keith C.

This is a very nice rack, seems to be powder coated to prevent rusting and corrosion, there are front plates which you can make your glove size. Easy to drop a new box in at any time.

- Leah W.

We have a small kitchen and space is always an issue; before we got these, the box of gloves would be on one table and then someone else's table, taking up space, taking up time sharing the boxes back and forth. I installed one of these on each wall in front of our prep tables and yay, no more space taken up on our tables!

- Gabby G.

This wall mount fits a box of gloves perfectly. It was easy to install and fits into small spaces. I like it because it is white.

- Matthew S.

A little bit flimsy. We ordered three of these to keep gloves at hand for all our team . One arrived with the weld broken between the rack part and wall mounting plate. The other two have held up after being installed.

- Josh E.

The glove holder is very handy and easy to hang up. It makes it very nice to be able to grab the size of gloves you need when you want.

- Russell H.

The Nobel Products 3 Box Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack saves space, and is easy to mount. The glove boxes containing various sizes of gloves, slip into the holder easily, and aids in the quick dispensing of the gloves for my employees to utilize. Great Product!

- Susan C.

This works well for putting gloves in a convenient location on a wall instead of taking up counter space, and it is easy to install.

- Billie J.

We have 4 sizes of gloves but 3 are used the most. this works out great for us in our small kitchen. The cooks don't have to look to see what size they are grabbing cause we put them in order from smallest on the bottom to largest on the top.

- Jenn S.

These wall mounted glove racks provide a food safe place for glove storage. They are convenient to hang around the kitchen, and prevent boxes from ever having to touch work stations.

- Andrea C.

This is an inexpensive, easy to use product that keeps gloves and hairnets neat and organized. Mounts easily on the wall and looks great. Highly recommend.

- Andrew H.

Perfect size for our medium, large, and extra large gloves. A great way to stay organized. We mounted this right to the wall and the employees always know where to get their gloves.

- Alan L.

i always wanted to invest in this glove rack and i finally did, i love how easy it is put up and now my gloves won't be all over the place.

- Craig B.

We needed a rack to hold our gloves in our new Food Truck and not take up space. This solves space problems and couldn't be happier.

- Chris L.

This 3 box glove rack is ideal for mounting on a wall to keep your boxed disposable gloves organized and out of the way. Mounts easily with the included screws and hold standard size glove boxes nicely.

- Ed B.

I wanted a rack for our disposable gloves that I could wall mount for easy access and to keep them off the counter or shelf. Having 3 racks allows us to have 3 different sizes on display for easy access. The rack is designed so you can insert a box from one side. My only thought is it would be nice if this was somehow reversible so you could insert from either side. Luckily we found a spot that it works great for us inserting from the left side only.

- Joan M.

Nice and durable for your gloves. We hung this on the wall for easy access for all employees to use. Holds 3 boxes nice and secure.

- Ashley J.

Sure you install it on the right side or else it’s very annoying to use. Otherwise it works for you . Would purchase this item again.

- Saxon M.

We use this in our establishment because we have three glove sizes to accommodate. We have it hanging up on a wire shelf with hooks, so it's flexible in it's hanging!

- Clayton T.

This glove rack does it job great, the slots are a bit larger than they need to be. The gloves I use are very loose, since I mounted this on a cabinet door I tilted it a bit. Overall I like this space saving glove rack

- Saxon M.

We love this thing. It is so easy to make sure that all our gloves stay organized for our staff. We seem to have, in three employees, three different sizes of hands.

- Jordan S.

This came with no damages and installed in no time to my wall in order to place our gloves in it. Only fits three boxes but well worth it.

- Laura J.

This is super handy. It holds 3 boxes of gloves, I have several boxes that vary slightly in size, and they all fit inside the slots. It comes with four screws, which seems to easily hold the weight of the full boxes.

- Ken R.

If you want your employees changing their gloves often, then this rack is a must have. It also accepts many different sizes of boxes, so if you change styles, it still works well.

- Renee H.

Fantastic! We have these throughout the ice cream shop. Holds 3 different boxes of gloves so we always have small, medium, and large gloves at every station. Keeps boxes off of shelves or laying around. All employees know exactly where to find gloves. Makes it easy!

- Susie B.

This rack keeps your gloves nicely organized in one convenient spot. I wish it would hold 4 boxes though so I could have the XLG with the others.

- Christopher B.

This wire glove rack comes with three compartments making it very easy to supply employees with different size gloves. Also comes with small plates that are pre-mounted for labeling different sizes. (Hardware included)

- Kristina L.

Holds the gloves well. I use this in the kitchen and the FOH and it works well and as it was designed too. I will order again

- Indri K.

holds all our gloves, no matter the type, poly, vinyl ect, it all fits. Clean easy install , just screw it up anywhere you need gloves.

- Amanda R.

Just recently purchased two of these. We use to have all of our gloves on shelves and have since hung them up out of the way with this wire mount. Has been a great addition to organizing our kitchen.

- Casey P.

This glove rack holder makes it convenient to grab a pair of gloves in a hurry. Comes with screws for mounting on the wall. Great product at good price.

- Rachel R.

Heavy duty write frame holds three boxes of gloves well. It comes with the hardware necessary to attach the frame to the wall. Definitely recommend.

- Gaile A.

We at Jefferson Rural Clinic love this economical and highly functional glove dispenser! We can replace one size/style at a time without moving other boxes of gloves, it cleans easily, and sturdy enough for 3 full boxes. Mounts very easily.

- Jamil Z.

A nice glove rack for the price. Hard to beat the value. My only complaint is that it doesn't attach to the wall as firmly as I would like. It has a bit of flex when you're pulling out the first glove in a new box, but that is a minor quibble.

- Melyce K.

A pretty standard item that works great in my commercial kitchen. We also use it to hold single cut parchment pieces for our to go boxes.

- Sharon D.

This Noble 3 box wire wall mount glove rack is great. It holds three boxes of gloves at a time. This is awesome for our High School culinary classroom as students can have easy access to all of the sizes of gloves at once. So happy with this purchase!

- Laurie C.

We have this rack in our kitchen at the restaurant. It holds different types of gloves and it is very sturdy. It was put up on the wall with ease.

- Cathy F.

This is the type of item in a kitchen that we did not realize how much we needed one until we had one in place. It works wonderful at keeping the boxes all in the same place and allows you to see when the box is almost empty.

- Schuyler G.

This glove dispenser is of awesome quality. It’s so cheap for the value of what you get! We especially valued that the screws and everything to hang on the wall was included.

- Jeremy W.

The rack fits nice and easily to the wall with the supplied hardware. The glove boxes fit in as they should and will not fall out, even if the rack is pushed. Quality product at a low price!

- Joel A.

These are a great value and help us store or gloves in an area that is easily accessible for our staff members. Super easy to install and they come with mounting hardware. I would order again.

- Kristen W.

I love this glove holder. We keep Med/large/X-large and now there is no searching for the box of gloves wondering where someone moved them to. It saves a ton of table space and overall makes things move faster since we no longer have to search for them. It’s sturdy and has a place where you can write the size. We turned ours sideways to accommodate a shelf above it and it still works well.

- Cameron G.

Perfect fit for my noble vinyl gloves. This is nice to get glove boxes off the counter and out of the way and fits nicely on the wall.

- Aj. C.

This is a great sized rack that fits most brands of gloves. The wire is a bit flimsy when hung, so it definitely needs to be mounted. The little label tabs are great to write sizes. I use a dry erase marker for this. I would recommend this product.

- Bill S.

I mean. It holds gloves. Quite well actually. Super easy to add or remove boxes. Holds various sizes of glove boxes, which helped me deplete some of my odd ball glove boxes I had.

- Ryan A.

This Noble 3 box wire glove dispenser has been working great for us. We love that it has 3 areas for dispensing since we have a variety of hand sizes on our cook line (S, M, L) and this provides space for all varieties. The only thing that is annoying is have to clean the small wire frame which gets dirty throughout the day. We saw that Webstaurant had a single compartment stainless glove holder but it was expensive and only 1 box capacity. If they had a 3 box stainless holder we would have sprung for that. This dispenser does still get the job done!

- Blackbird D.

This glove dispenser is a great addition to our bakery. No more will we have glove boxes lying all over the place. It makes it easy to store multiple different kinds of gloves and various sizes. I just wish the material were a little more sturdy.

- Cassandra A.

This wall mount is extremely convenient! It is the perfect solution for our kitchen where we need several different sizes of gloves for our staff!

- Ajay B.

It is a neat little dispenser for our gloves and hair nets. Very easy to install on drywall and the price cannot be beat. A great overall product!

- Angel M.

This wire wall mount glove dispenser was easy to install and works like a charm. The glove boxes easily slip in and make it more convenient when preparing food. Whether you are in a huge commercial kitchen or a food truck, this wall mount glove dispenser takes no counter space and allows for easy dispensing of gloves. I would recommend this to anyone looking to be organized and efficient.

- Andrew A.

I am giving this 5 stars even thought we weren't able to use it. We bought the food handler gloves which came in smaller packs that would not fit in the mount. Seemed nice though!

- Debbi I.

I love this 3 box, wall mount glove dispenser. Not only is the price great when compared to similar products, it is a quality product. What I like the most is the left side is open so it is super easy to get the boxes in and out. Great value for the money!!

- Rosaidys P.

These glove dispensers came in very handy. I ordered 3 of them and was able to set them all throughout our kitchen. Very durable and sturdy.

- Rudy G.

We bought these to keep out gloves organized. I don't know how we did it before we got these. The installation was easy and now our gloves are more organized and easily accessible to all our staff.

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