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Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder-Free Textured Gloves - Large

Item #: 394EN503L
  • 4 mil nitrile has superior tensile strength
  • Ideal for exam, medical, or janitorial use; superior puncture resistance
  • Allergen-, latex-, and powder-free, helping reduce potential allergic reactions
  • Offers the best in tactile sensitivity and chemical resistance
  • Textured exterior grip provides added control in dry or wet conditions

Protect your hands from harmful chemicals and biological hazards with these multi-purpose Noble Products nitrile gloves! Made of durable, 4 mil thick nitrile, these gloves are allergen-, latex-, and powder-free, helping reduce the potential for some allergic reactions to develop. Noble Products blue non-sterile nitrile gloves provide exceptional puncture, tear, and chemical resistance, while maintaining the tactile sensitivity of comparable latex gloves. Thanks to a textured exterior, these nitrile gloves also provide a firm grip in both wet and dry situations. This combination of superior protection and exceptional flexibility makes these gloves perfect for a wide variety of applications.

These versatile gloves form comfortably to your hands to offer excellent dexterity, making them great for food prep, machine maintenance, cleaning jobs, and a variety of other precision tasks. They're even ideal for janitorial or medical exam use at hospitals, dentist offices, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, and schools. The perforated box allows for easy glove dispensing, and wall mounted racks are available (sold separately) for convenient storage.

Size: Large


Product Reviews

- joseph kowalski

I've never seen a better price on Nitrile gloves, and believe me I've looked all over the place. These are great for our employees with latex allergies.

- brandiyi andrews

This Nitrile exam glove is great to use for household use, nursing homes, offices, hair salons, barber shops, cooking and peeling meat off the bone. great if you dont want to get your hands dirty.

- michele miller

These run a little big, but still work great for everything from hand-rolling chocolate truffles to packaging candies. I've been through two boxes and have yet to have one tear on me. Very much appreciate the lack of powder residue.

- wesley ovre

Absolutely the best price I have seen on these, and great quality as well. Cleaning, portioning, meat handling, trash hauling, whatever you need them for they'll do the job. Your supplies don't make you any money, shop around and see for yourself!

- phil riehl

Great gloves. They are good quality and don't rip easily. They're convenient and the longer length is helpful in so many situations. We highly recommend these!

- ivan herbert

I have always used these since i am allergic to powdered gloves. My staff loves them because they are a lot tougher than the regular latex gloves. They are a great multiple use product.

- jeff glenn

This is the best price for these types of gloves I've found anywhere, even with the shipping. I prefer the nitrile over the latex because they hold up better, and these are powder free so they work well in the kitchen when handling ram meats.

- antoinette ott

Good value when purchased by the case. Gloves do tear a bit when used for heavy duty cleaning applications, but the cost is low enough that it makes it a non issue.

- john harrison

These Noble gloves are the best. I used them when I worked at the hospital, now I use them for home cleaning. Especilly when doing deep cleaning, with the powder free they don't break out my hands.

- angela harrison

The Nitrile Exam Gloves 4 Mill Thick Large Exam Gloves- Textured .They are great for protecting hands when washing dishes, and basick cleaning.It is alwats nice to have several boxes in stock, Incase someone gets a cut never touch blood without a barier like gloves. Perfect price.

- rick carnes

With the textured feel and being available in the 100 count box you can't beat the quality and value of these gloves. The nitrile construction makes these gloves very durable.

- anita tanner

the nitrille exam glove 4 mil thick large nitrile exam glove - texured, thay are perfact for preteating hands while washing dishes.great value. thanks webstaurant.

- wendy zhou

The thickness of the nitrite gloves are great. Other stores will probably charge you atleast 20% more than how much they sell it here in webstaurant store

- timothy carman

These gloves are still cheaper than most company's latex prices. These nitriles are at least twice as good as the nitriles i was using, but the price is less!

- stefan fraundorfer

With the amount of people with a latex allergy starting to come into play I decided to switch to these. Good feel. Nice fit. Easy on and easy off.

- bryan williams

These Noble Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder-Free Textured Exam Gloves are strong enough to avoid tears, but soft enough to be used for detailed hand work. We use them with ingredients like eggs for sanitary reasons, but we also use them with food color gels to keep hands from staining. Their versatility is endless.

- brian murray

Very happy with this product. Our crew uses these gloves when cleaning kitchen exhaust systems in Hospitals, hotels, schools and many more places. We will order again.

- linda chahine

Good price for this type of nitrile glove compared to purchasing elsewhere. Glove works well however I need to buy in large quantities so paying shipping defeats cost savings. I buy them now locally.

- rachel yanchar

Powder free gloves are the best for medical use or for any application that requires safely touching something. I got them to work with our corals in our salt tanks as some coral can poison you if it touches the skin.

- chelsey guthrie

These gloves hold up fairly well. I use them for cleaning and prep in the kitchen. If you're cutting a lot of peppers or acidic foods they're especially useful.

- erin duffie

The price on these durable gloves can't be beat. These are thicker and more tear resistant than the ones provided by our contracted uniform company, and at half the price!

- alfredo coronel

No more dirty hands or broken gloves on easy tasks, this product proved to be tough and I will keep buying, our employees are happier with this powder free gloves.

- frank ng

Great for those with allergies to latex. Fits well, durable. Good for prep work, cleaning, and any other use around. The price is right, too.

- ryan lee

We've been purchasing these disposable nitrile gloves for our cleaning company for over 2 years from Webstaurant, and they have never failed us. Prices (including shipping) are some of the lowest you will find in any store - online or brick and mortar. Highly recommended product.

- eric l. sikorski

Great quality and at a great price. These are far superior to latex for many uses. I use them around the house for cooking, cleaning, painting, staining, etc. I really enjoy that my hands don't have an odor of latex when done using them. They also are much more durable and don't tear nearly as easy as latex

- judy gao

I am very impressed by the quality of these power-free gloves. They are very cheap to purchase. The thickness is great, i expected it to be thin but to my surprise, it was thick and good quality.

- brian bender

Real good glove for the price and very durable as well. I have used a lot of different brands of gloves and these Noble gloves hold up as well as any of them

- britton roller

These gloves are very good. Comparable to ones found at. Big store but at a great price. No powder go on easy and are pretty thick.

- jessica jarosz

Bought these for a nursing home as a donation during Covid. The nurses were happy to have them and the shipping was fast. I enjoyed helping them with a great product

- william anderson

Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil gloves are the perfect thickness for most of the tasks we do around the kitchen such as hot peppers, cleaning, or greasy foods. They don't feel too thin and seem to last long enough for us to get the job done. The cuff length seems adequate as well. If you are likely to snag/rip your gloves then you might want to go with the thicker 6 Mil version of this glove.

- martin fisher

These were the first nitrile gloves that I've ever purchased....I will NEVER go back to latex! Nitrile is so much stronger and more resilient. Will definitely buy again!

- cynthia wieland

If you could add more stars * * * * * we would! For the price along with the quality you can hardly go wrong.

- john sherinian

These are very nice quality exam gloves for very little money. We use these gloves all around the house for various cleaning jobs when we'd rather just throw the gloves out after use. Very convenient.

- joseph ang

These gloves are amazing. They are very durable and have very nice grip on the finger tips. My employees love them in the restaurant. They get mad when we run out and I have to get replacement gloves from the local restaurant supply.

- christopher crawford

Very sturdy, well-fitting gloves. These are great for both cleaning and cooking purposes, and are easy to put on and remove. They're also a great thing to have on hand when working with lots of chiles!

- richard harris

gloves are great for my application. great products and great fast service. i will always buy gloves from this company. great for every application thank you

- murray simpson

Good quality gloves that keep your hands clean and your workplace sanitary. Definitely a must have in the kitchen. Great price for such reliable products!

- pornrawin heath

We use these all the time in the kitchen, when cleaning,so we don''t have to touch the dirty thing,and it fit hand very good i am so glad

- james dylan robinson

Very happy with these gloves. They're durable and hard to tear, comfortable to wear, and the price is great. We use these for our janitorial business.

- ryan verzaal

We have an employee who has skin issues and these are perfect for her. They are also nice and thick and never break when the guys are cleaning.

- stephanie whaley

Great price saving on supply cost for all cleaning responsibilities. Works great and very durable for any mess in our kitchen area. Definitely going to order again.

- latarus matheney

These gloves are amazing. I have gone through box after box of various brands trying to find a brand that would hold up. After using these I won't be looking any further.

- rachel thomas

The re-pack workers have reviewed this product and are equally satisfied as the competitors brand. The fit is just perfect and the fingers seem to be longer, which is a good plus!

- joel kaber

I have been through so many different brands trying to find good gloves that actually hold up, and do not rip. These are the best I have found and I wont be buying any other brands again. Don't waste your money on other gloves!

- moesha tafari

This is exactly what I wanted, only ordered one box to make sure it suited my needs, and it does, getting a few more of these soon., we use a lot of gloves.

- eric stewart

Best culinary gloves I have ever used! Not only are they extremely durable (and I cater large quantity BBQ!), but they are very form fitting. I do not ever foresee ever using any other type of glove!

- alicia haddad

We use these Nitrile gloves for many things pertaining to a commercial Kitchen! These are durable, stylish, and do not have powder inside! I am happy that these gloves are for everyone in my company!

- daniele dichiara

They fit as expected. I have short fingers so I probably could have gone with the medium gloves, but these will do for mixing fondant colors without staining my hands.

- chad finkenbinder

We love these gloves for wearing them at work since they fit well and protect us from harmful chemicals. They are trustworthy and are made from good quality.

- artur andronic

We use these gloves in a kitchen and they are great for our needs. They are very durable and non-slippery. Most importantly is that they are not irritating to the hands, as we had some cooks that complained about that with other gloves.

- hannah yum

Best glove for the best price! It is thin enough to feel as if one is not wearing a glove, yet durable enough to not rip while stretching it to put it on and working for long time on hot grill.

- andrea cadelano

Sir Clean recommended Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder-Free Textured Gloves - Large for the quality and price. Its perfect to many purpose in cleaning jobs.

- greg brelinsky

These are a great item at a great price. They beat my suppliers price even with the shipping. These are a high quality nitrile glove- thick enough to hold up and have a very good stretch and won't break. I will definitely be getting them here from now on.

- patty edwards

These are great for our kitchen staff. The large size fits most hands fine big or small. They don't tear and are affordable. We will continue to order.

- sandra petsch

These 4 mil gloves are great for my husband with his larger hands. They work great for food service. They are thin enough to handle foods and durable enough wear for scrubbing and cleaning

- pizza factory

These gloves fit great and are super comfortable. Our staff really like these. These gloves hold up well in the kitchen and do not rip easily. Great product!

- raymond wheeler

Gloves work really good for different projects. Very durable and do not leave any residue on your hands. Upgrade to extra large for more comfort.

- twins armstrong

Wonderfully durable gloves- they hold up well and stretch and large is a good universal size for long fingers! Almost a pity to toss them after use as they are such great high quality gloves!

- joan randall

These gloves are great for when you are handling wet things because the textured surface helps you maintain your grip. The bright blue color helps in case you cut a tip of your glove with a knife - then the glove piece is clearly visible.

- teresa sparks

These in my opinion are the best gloves to work with. No limits to the reasons why you might want to wear these. I use for cleaning and food prep, and personal care that you want to use a glove for. I have no rips when i put them on. They are sturdy and the large fits me like a glove. haha

- joshua burstein

Thick gloves at a great price. Perfect for cleaning and they are not the thin gloves that will tear from heavy use. Commercial quality approved.

- steven mann

love these gloves, they fit well and dont tear easily. I use them to wash dishes and to cook. Id prefer these over any other type of glove

- truong le

We own an upscale restaurant and these gloves are perfect. Our chef and kitchen staff are able to wear these longer lenths of time while doing mulitple prep work. These are less expensive and actually thicker than our old supplier. I only wish that I would have found them sooner.

- deborah willoughby

Had always used the regular latex gloves due to cost but however, after an employee became allergy to latex I had to start the search for latex free. Everywhere I looked they were so expensive (and you go through so many in a restaurant), I kept putting it off. No longer do I need to do that, these are great and fill every need, latex free, cost effective, powder free( so there are not "powder prints" everywhere), and man are they durable! The cost of these are even with shipping save me $15 per case by getting them through Webstaurant. I have found myself ordering more of these even though not everyone has the latex allergy, than the cheaper regular latex. I have found I like the way they feel on my hands, not stiff like the picture looks as they are quite soft and supple. Highly recommended!

- mike regardless

Fantastic price on these large size is 4 millimeter thick blue exam gloves from the webstaurantstore really really stretch so that's nice so they don't break when you're putting them off

- elizabeth fate

I use these every day! Both in our lab and in the kitchen. It makes handling raw chicken a simple almost no clean up dream.

- john tsouris

When I purchased these gloves I thought to my self that they are the same a any other gloves in the market, No, I was wrong, I love them, they are strong and very flexible at the same time, they are perfect. I can use them more than once.

- matt deutsch

These are the best cloves! Easy to put on, fit well, don't get sweaty. The bright blue color is easy to see. Fit well so that there isn't a bunch of extra glove at the end of the fingers.

- bistro lhcaz

These are very nice 4 mm thick powder free noble product gloves my employed have been enjoying them a lot and so have I been

- cory maillet

Gloves work perfectly in our kitchen. Easy to put on and take off. Great alternative to expensive gloves from food supplier. Will be our new choice for gloves.

- charles storino

Gloves are exactly what is described. I began ordering these this past summer. I am saving a lot of money buying from webstaurant as opposed to my local distributor. They fit great and don't break easily. I would recommend the switch.

- tyler gould

I normally use latex gloves as I find the extra thickness and material difference in the nitrile slightly reduce my dexterity. However these same traits give the nitrile a slight temperature resistance that means I grab for these gloves whenever I expect Ill be working over a hot pan or grill. I've been very happy with the quality of the noble gloves.

- craig bjork

Great product when those loose disposable gloves get in the way. These fit tight enough to do intricate knife work and they don't sweat alot so you can wear them for hours and just wash your hands with the gloves being your second skin.

- kase lee

We love Noble items. They are so reliable. These are extra thick for heavy duty assignments. These items are must to have for food handling! We recommend them to any food establishments, 5 stars.

- chris lawrence

These Noble nitrile gloves are a great product for food service, housekeeping or medical use. They are thick and strong and hold up to harsh chemicals. Great alternative to Latex for those with allergies.

- rebekah brown

Fits like a glove! We use these all the time in the kitchen, when cleaning, and just when we don't want to touch something gross. The are durable and the bright color lets you know if a piece were to be cut off.

- april ennis

This are great gloves for the price. They are sturdy and durable. I generally use them for cleaning and for various kitchen tasks. I would note though that I ordered a large when i tend to wear a medium and they fit very well. But this may mean that large handed people may have a bit of trouble fitting into these.

- clayton ten eyck

What an amazing price for these large nitril gloves. I will definitely order more in different sizes. I bought them to use in my fish cleaning services at my bait shop, and haven't heard any complaints from my employee's yet.

- brandon gregoire

We use a lot of these. The Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder-Free Textured Gloves are a go to, especially for catering events when we have 4-5 people in the kitchen plating courses. The only issue for us is the color. We like going with a black glove because it matches our uniforms. The blue also does not look that good in pictures, but that does not matter to most people. Go up a size! It makes it easier to put them on! Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

- lorie cadieux

These noble nitrile gloves are a nice powder-free glove. Available in all sizes these are also offered with powder. Box of 100 is a great deal.

- laura johnson

These have worked very well for us, we generally use them during cleaning and garage work. They're slightly textured, true to size, and really comfortable.

- andranik hakobyan

These are standard gloves for cleaning, but the nice thing is that it felt like "commercial grade" and were very durable. Large size worked great for most people in our companies that are more than 6' tall.

- olivia king

Fits well! Great for mixing meats. We keep some in a mini zipper closed bag when moving to different events. If you are on the border of what size to go to after viewing the sizing chart, we recommend going one size up.

- shauna banta

In our restaurant we wear gloves when handling all food products, therefore on average we go through 1.5 cases of gloves a week the price is great and the quality of this glove is preferred by all my cooks over the glove I was buying previously. The size is accurate as well. I like to wear these while I am doing a lot of cutting they fit a little more snug than the x-large but are not too tight which I prefer when it comes to more intricate work.

- robin speaks

Great for our food prep work, powder free and you don't sweat very bad in them. Good amount come in each box with a decent price.

- karen ambrose

Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder are gloves are great. With gloves being a requirement in all kitchens these are a good product and I love the blue color.

- denise payton

These are my favorite gloves. They are super sturdy and snug on the hands. Very stretch when getting them on your hands. I use them, not only in the kitchen, but also for gardening. Only type of glove I will order now.

- joe gimaro

We go through about a case a month of these gloves. Puncture resistant, tear resistant, these gloves work well. We use them in a hotel environment so they are exposed to a number of cleaning chemicals and they hold up really well. The price is really good for these.

- dana smith

These gloves are great for packaging food or keeping your hands clean when you are working! Very durable & I like that you can buy each box or 12 box case!

- laura m dechant

These nitrile gloves are as advertised. Lol, they are the only kind my husband will use as he can't stand latex or vinyl gloves. They are a little pricey but they do hold up well.

- hal andrews

We have purchased these disposable gloves several times from WebstaurantStore for caregivers taking care of my dad at his home. The quality of the gloves has been excellent and being able to order in cases of 1,000 gloves helps with less frequently having to order and at a great price! They have quick and reliable shipping and have been excellent to do business with. We would recommend this supplier to anyone. Great job & thanks!

- zu adams

We buy these all the time and they are our favorite gloves. They are easy to put on, they don't have a weird smell, and they are a great value for the price.

- gili vaknin

Very good 4m make the glove to be very durable it definitely is highly recommend it ,is definitely worth your money, you can serve many customers with this glove

- jamil zainasheff

We use a LOT of gloves around here and I'm quite picky about the gloves we use. They need to be durable, flexible, sized right, and not be too expensive. I've been buying another brand for the past 4 years and I was afraid to change because so many others I tried were junk. I decided to take a shot on a case of these and from initial inspection and trial, they seem every bit as good as what I was using before. They seem a tiny bit less stretchy. The fingers are a touch larger and the palm a touch smaller. The attached photo shows my current glove on the left and the Noble Products glove on the right. As of right now I'm giving it 5 stars. It seems every bit as good, but at a slightly better price. I'm all about saving money when I can, but not at the expense of quality.

- lenvil baisden

This is a great price for the nitrile powder free gloves. We pay over $9 per box at the retail stores. My husband makes e-liquid and wears these to protect his hands. They do the trick and work well for what he needs. None have tore or ripped.

- lora lanier

Great gloves. We use them for everything from sandwich assembly to handling hot BBQ. They hold up well, rarely break, but when they do, the bright color makes recovery easy.

- brian bannon

Excellent gloves and economical. We go thru 3 - 4 boxes a week. Won't find a better price any where around than Webstaurant. Order almost every week.

- james ringer

Decent gloves to have around the workshop to keep your hands clean. These are on the thinner side, which is great if you need more tactility.

- jordanne calvin

These gloves are a perfect size for our male employees with larger hands! Our Executive Chef states that he's used these gloves for 7 years and they haven't failed him! Would highly recommend.

- austin abbott

These nitrile gloves are the same good-thick quality you can get in the store, but you can get 100 of these for half the cost of 50 at your local home depot. Highly recommend.

- brandon j. porter

We replaced our 5 mil gloves with these 4 mil and saw a massive reduction in cost along with the same quality as a 5 mil glove.

- jennifer l sikorski

These gloves work great for many uses at home: cutting raw meat, cleaning, painting, or just protecting your hands when handling spicy foods. They are thick enough to not rip easily and are a good value.

- angela burwick

We use these gloves for EVERYTHING! We make sure we're never out of stock, and at these great prices we can afford to always have them on hand in quantity. We run an inn, and our employees use them when cleaning rooms (to avoid cleaning chemicals and when handling used linen), and also when doing outdoor work or cleaning equipment. We also have a farm and use them routinely for the dirtier jobs there. The only thing we don't use them for is food handling, and for that we use the powder free vinyl foodservice gloves (also very reasonably priced), simply because the appearance is nicer.

- mark bevacqua

I am a big fan of another brand of 5 mil thick gloves. But, sometimes you want an item that is for a quick mess, and then easily disposable without breaking the bank. These Noble gloves fit the bill. They are form fitting if sized correctly, and at 4 mil thickness, you lose little, if any, dexterity. I especially like these for fine detail work or getting your fingers into tight spaces. Whether in the kitchen or the garage, we find these 4 mil gloves absolutely workhorses, and for the price, I could not be happier nor recommend anything better.

- sir clean

We like this product Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder-Free Textured Gloves - Large, the material is very resistant, we like because we used in all our cleaning activities and never broke.

- lisa holder

The nitrile 4 mil gloves are a great buy and a great item to have when cleaning the bathrooms. The gloves are well made and do not tear easily. Help protect your hands and fit snuggly.

- josh newland

Love these gloves. It would be nice to get them a little cheaper as we burn through them but sometimes you get what you pay for and the are top notch.

- brandon roddy

This is a great glove. Our kitchen staff loves the feel of this glove compared to a latex or vinyl glove. Plus they are blue, which makes them easier to see if one were to fall into food prep items.

- william brock

These are the only gloves we will use in our kitchen. Extremely strong and durable, especially compared to the vinyl alternatives. We are a snack manufacturer, so we have a lot of repetitive tasks that are hours on end (specifically packaging the product). We find the vinyl gloves, over a short time, would start to shred apart from the repetitive tasks. Often times, employees wouldn't even notice! Which leads to concern of the vinyl ending up in the product. Has not been an issue since we switched to these Nitrile gloves.

- cameron glinke

These are the most comfortable gloves to prep in. A lot easier of a fit than vinyl and they hold up throughout busy times. Great glove and I will buy many more.

- jennifer mcmillan

I ordered medium gloves before thinking that’s what I needed but when my hands were wet they wouldn’t fit so I tried these in a large and they are perfect. They’re thick enough that we don’t have to worry about them tearing easily as well.

- yanin reyes

These are preferred by our staff over other gloves. Fit easy and don't wear and tear easy. They are also not affected water/grease which make them easier to slip on than other gloves.

- alec griffith

Nitrile is my preferred glove and these fit the bill. I regularly use nitrile in the lab I work and these are decent, but I would recommend one goes up to a larger thickness if working with refrigerated meats, as they aren't very thick so they don't insulate well.

- michael wilks

These are my preferred nitril glove. They habe a longer cuff which I really like. They are easy to put on and don’t rip when trying to get them in.

- aziz mithwani

We have found these to rip easily, the fit is good but they have to be changed several times due to them ripping. Am going to try the 5mm ones now..

- aj. czeresko

These gloves are durable and stretchy. The 4mil thickness is thickness isn't great for puncture protection, so go heavier if that's your needs. These are perfect for general purpose cleaning and cooking. I would highly recommend these.

- raymond r becerra jr

Good quality, good feel, don't rip easily. Overall, a good choice for those looking for a Nitrile glove if latex or vinyl are off the table.

- stacey wickham

I found these gloves when I was trying to find a lower price, i use them when i am cleaning they work awesome and a great price.

- mrs. judy ware

I ordered these for my husband because he’s been wanting some for the area of business he works in. He said they are a perfect fit for his hands and love that they are powderless.

- patricia kendricks

Love , love them. same great quality but much cheaper. Highly recommend them for general cleaning. Will buy them again. Great price high quality and value

- jean fejes

I make soap, with lye. I've tried gloves from Harbor Freight, Walmart and Sam's, and even some from Amazon. How different could they be, right? Gloves are gloves. Wrong. Just like soap is soap, it's not. These are very superior to the others I've tried, and I won't run out again. They fit well and sometimes I forget I have them on.

- doreen zeibig

I have purchased these gloves by the case for my housekeeping staff. We use pumice stones alot, and these gloves withstand the abrasive texture of the stones. Have good grip with the textured fingertips, and really like that they are powder-free. Great quality glove for the price!

- marcus hunter

These gloves are great and affordable too. There are some employees that cannot use a different brand so these get the job done at a good price.

- kevin keiller

Never touch hot peppers without gloves. FYI, latex, vinyl, and sandwich bags will not block capsaicin. You have to use nitrile and change them often.

- kaila marra

These gloves are very heavy duty. Other gloves are hard to get on if my hands are wet but these are so strong you can really stretch them a lot without tearing.

- randy rush

The size is true. Large is large. I'm very satisfied with the quality of these gloves. Not a light weight made glove that will fail you as you are using them. Very useful around the kitchen. Could use them in the garage too for those messy jobs.

- simon raye

These gloves are thicker than I expected and super affordable! I plan to order a case when I run out of my supply. Thank you for offering these at a great price point.

- valerie del valle

Comparison to Kirkland Gloves: Same durability. The Kirkland Large glove fits more loosely, because of this my hands sweat a lot in these tighter fitting gloves. I buy these as I have an allergy to vinyl gloves yet must wear gloves at work. These gloves do just fine with my allergy. For the quantity it is a great price. Next time I'll try the XL size.

- rosario springs

I ordered these in medium and large. I loved the medium was a perfect fit for task wear I need to feel like there are no gloves on me. The large was great and comfortable and definitely gave my hands wiggle room. They are also textured at the fingertips

- carlos ham

Excellent quality. My employees love it, right perfect size fit unlike other brands out there in the market. I will definitely buy again from Webstaurant.

- daniel hernandez

Great quality and great sized gloves. The durability is great, only bad thing is that the price went us tremendously but other than that great product!

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