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Noble Products 3 Qt. Green Cleaning Pail

Item #: 511KP97GNNBL
  • Trilingual labeling in English, Spanish, and French
  • Green color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions
  • Adheres to HACCP guidelines
  • Embossed text on the top of the pail states the bucket's purpose
  • Convenient bail handle makes it easy to move the pail

Easily distinguish detergent from sanitizer solutions with this Noble Products 3 qt. green cleaning pail! This cleaning pail features everything you need to ensure employee compliance with health codes. English and French instructions are included on the bucket's front panel, and English and Spanish are located on the back panel. The green color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions, and it adheres to HACCP guidelines. Further, embossed text on the top of the pail provides clear direction of the bucket's purpose.

This cleaning pail's convenient bail handle makes it easy to move the pail from one location to the next. The pail's sturdy plastic construction gives it the strength it needs to withstand years of commercial use, so you can remain confident in its performance. For accurate mixing of your cleaning solutions, inside the pail are quart and liter gradations that make mixing quick, easy, and efficient.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 6 3/4"
Width: 6 3/4"
Height: 5 7/8"
Capacity: 3 quarts


Product Reviews

- katy mook-mcgrath

We bought these to replace our old, cracked buckets. Much cheaper than other restaurant suppliers around. We will be ordering more when we need them.

- lisa fernandes

this bucket does what it needs to, which is hold soap and water in a bucket. you need these in your kitchen so the staff does not use the sanitizer buckets for the soap, which the health department does not want to see. get these.

- s. snyder

This bucket is the same as the San Jamar product but cheaper. I love using these pails for small cleaning jobs at home. I recommend!

- chookiat saenguraiporn

We purchased this product for our restaurant. It is very handy when we use it for multiple purposes. We use green color bucket for dirty towel but red for clean towel.

- megan alig

Great product for a commercial kitchen or a residential kitchen. We will be ordering more of these when our new kitchen is completely finished this summer.

- damian sansonetti

These are great. When you want to have a bucket for cleaning the line/ restaurant ect. It helps with the different color for staff to use the proper buckets.

- erika velasquez

I didn't realize how small it would be. They are small but very useful bucket. The handle is sturdy. I like the square shape and easy to store under a kitchen sink.

- mike regardless

This noble detergent bucket is very strong and sturdy and it's pre-labeled so everybody knows what's in it and it's color-coded all the green buckets are detergent

- mark nargi

these pails are well known through almost any kitchen, especially the red ones used for sanitation liquid. they're well made and serve their purpose just as intended. i use them to soak silverware and theyre the perfect size.

- jason hughes

This is a great bucket for smaller cleaning needs. Its perfect for being able to carry around when you don't want a large heavy bucket of water and the handle is very sturdy

- bistro lhcaz

This is a really great brand of cleaning pails the 3 quart size is perfect for keeping under the table by the water so we can change it out more frequently with the smaller size

- luciana yates

This small sized pail is sturdy and so easy to carry around, even when full. We use this green one and the same sized red one. The colors make it very easy to identify which bucket is supposed to be used for different purposes.

- mustafa turunc

I bought both red and green pails from webstaurant store. It’s easier to seperate sanitizer pail and cleanin pail. You can also put label on it.

- andrew mcguire

After loading up with San Jamar cleaning buckets i noticed these Noble buckets, same exact bucket only the white writing on bucket lasts even longer, but saves a ton of money.

- brandon gregoire

Along with a sanitizer pail it is important to have a cleaning pail. This pail is made by Noble and is very inexpensive. The side of the pail indicates that it is for detergent and is written in English and Spanish. The pale has a 3qt capacity. We always have a cleaning pail and a sanitizer pail at our events.

- jason myers

The Noble Products three quart green cleaning pail is what I expected after reading the product description. The picture on the website is accurate. I love that there is a color code that is truly unmistakable and can easily be seen from across the kitchen. I will order more.

- antony shena

Red color helps to avoid cross-contaminating buckets and solutions. Embossed text on the top of the pail states the bucket's purpose. Convenient bail handle makes it easy to move the pail.

- william marx

Low price on a commercial kitchen basic. Color coding and large print make it easy to see what you're using. This pail has a small footprint compared to some of the other pails I've seen, so it's great for tighter kitchen spaces where you don't need to do lots of repeat deep cleaning.

- ashley rosario

I like this size bucket because it doesn’t get too heavy when filled with water. I use it to clean my entire kitchen without being wasteful

- lucia degidio

It is sturdy, durable, and perfect for small cleaning jobs and to carry around. Color coded to prevent cross contamination with other chemicals and solutions.

- anyae monroe

Nice and sturdy with an easy grip handle to carry anywhere. It can be used in the house for daily clean up or outside while washing the car

- hicham tala

Great product . Very important to have it in the kitchen for cleaning purposes , good price and i highly recommend to have as many as you need .

- amy bresnahan

Safety first! These are the exact same pails sold for more than twice the price at other restaurant supply stores. The 3qt is a little smaller, so if you need a larger pail, check out the larger size.

- frontline foundations

This is a great bucket. This is a tool that everyone needs to have in their kitchen, so why pay so much every where else! Get it here

- david derr

Great value for the money. Seems to be pretty sturdy. Great handheld style size for taking up a ladder to clean hood vents. These are easy to clean.

- jocelyn twomey

I previously worked out of a commercial kitchen and we used these buckets. I am now a licensed home baker, and I wanted to have some of the same tools I used at my old kitchen. Great product and a great price. They are durable and perfect for smaller spaces. I do tend to splash water a bit when I'm cleaning, so I may upgrade to the larger bucket. No regrets on this purchase.

- daniel lopez

Its the perfect size for restaurant on the go like mine, it stores anywhere because of the size, surprisingly kind of heavy duty in my opinion.

- robert oatley

This pail is the right size for our small operation. It is sturdy and the writing label "detergent" is very clear and easy to read.

- jessica keahey

Affordable solution. The handle design is sturdier than some other brands we have purchased in the past that fail easily. Exterior lettering comes off quickly with regular use, but color coding makes for an easy system for staff.

- josie raelynn grim

This is smaller than I expected, but also perfect for us because we don't need much inside it. We have a small table and trailer so this size is great.

- michael p.

This 3 Qt. green Pail is perfect for a sponge or rag. It also is a good Pail for any small pieces at a brewery. Toss your Tri-Clams and O-Rings in when running vintners hose to tanks. Then use it for sanitizing or dry storage after.

- bonnita bernhardt

Our 4H food booth used to use spray bottles and wipes for our tables. That was a hard concept for small children because they would spray while people were eating, so we switched to these small buckets. They are the perfect size for carrying detergent water to the table.

- michael kernan

The standard pail you can get anywhere. I will say though, despite being shipped on a pallet with tons of other equipment these didn't have a scratch on them. Webstaurantstore took great care in making sure these were delivered unbent, unscratched, and ready to go.

- andrea barkley

Can not wait to use these more frequently. Will be used along with the red ones in my kitchen setting. Easy to read and color is bright to distinguish it from sanitizers.

- leo sce

Excellent quality cleaning pail with a glossy finish on good quality plastic walls. The small 3 qt size is great for counter top or sink cleaning uses.

- hillarie renta

This is the perfect size for our coffee trailer. They fit will under the counter, and don't get in our way. They also allow us to use less detergent because of the size.

- johnny lee

Typical and standard bucket thats small enough for keeping on the line to stay health department compliant, no complaints and serves its purpose well everyday.

- sandra nance

Health department required bucket. Durable bucket and durable handle. Plastic is strong and doesn't crack easily. Recommended for all commercial kitchens. Use these buckets in house and at events

- anastasia hatzis

purchased 3 for our bar since they are smaller. They hold the water and towel with no issue. the construction is quality, with solid handle. They are not the cheap easy to break plastic and the flimsy cheap metal handle ones. these will last a while

- dina feldman

Great product, great price. Durable construction, color coding and clear lettering on the outside makes it super easy to track which container is for what. Perfect size.

- tracy anderson

Good product. State said had to have so we bought multiple. We still use the same one everyday and haven't used the others. Figured for price we need to replace but still going strong

- kevin mankin

A 3qt. cleaning pail is the perfect size for a food truck. It doesn't take up too much space but is thick sturdy plastic with a sturdy handle.

- isaiah mccory

Small enough bucket that it is there busy stays out of the way. Space is probably an issue for everyone, but these buckets kinda hide themselves and stay out of the way. It separates your wash solution and correctly identifies that in the side. Very great and affordable product! That’s what I love about WebstaurantStore, cheap and pretty good/reliable product!

- jae lee

Works great in our coffee house. It is extremely durable and meets the requirements by the health department. Also, the price is much lower than competitors.

- karina nevarez

I ordered green cleaning pails to meet with inspection requirements and i have had no troubles. I just wish shipping was a little bit faster

- tri vo

This is a great container for its price! The color is bright and vibrant so it’s easy for employees and customers to see which solution goes where!

- kyla newcomb

We have these under all our work stations. We put our Sani water in them with a rag, and it's a fast easy clean up without having to walk to the sink. Buy lots! You'll use them

- abbie easter

A great, basic cleaning pail. This is a great size for keeping on my food truck since it doesn't take up a ton of valuable space.

- jyll queen

Love the size of these cleaning pails. I purchased these for my high school culinary arts programs and the smaller size works well for our space. Handles seem like they will stay on the buckets well and will last a good about of time.

- thaime nanez

This green cleaning pail is perfect for fast sanitation and a great size that does not take up too much room. We use these to clean paint brushes and they are great, we definitely recommend you purchase these!

- misti stowers

love these little buckets, we keep them on our work tables so we can always keep the tables clean all while being Hleath Department compliant. that's a win win

- marie vercellino

Love the small size. We have 10 work stations, so these are compact enough to spread around and share, and doesn't waste a ton when we replace the contents. The bucket is sturdy when full and has a great handle. Will buy again.

- alexis sturcke

Must have item in a kitchen or even for personal use in home kitchen. I have a ton of these and recommend them to have.

- nancy archuleta

3 QT size is great for home use. Sturdy and well made. No chance of the handle falling off. I've been using it for a couple years now

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