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Noble Products 6 Qt. / 192 oz. Cleaning and Sanitizing Kit

Item #: 511KP196KIT
  • Sanitize almost any surface from countertops to floors
  • Easily remove grease, oil, and other contaminants from any surface not harmed by water
  • Color coded pails with marked graduations ensure employee compliance with health codes
  • Use reusable wipers to wipe down surfaces with cleaners
  • Pump features a hold-down option to prevent unwanted dispensing

Keep the surfaces in your business clean and safe with this Noble Products cleaning and sanitizing kit. Thanks to the 1 gallon sanitizer, you can keep your restaurant, bar, or diner properly sanitized. This versatile product is designed to be used on everything from walls to dinnerware and is even safe to use on food contact surfaces as well as food processing equipment. Ensure the correct concentration of your sanitizer with the quaternary test strips. The distinct color chart and accurate, reproducible readings give an immediate response for quick and easy use. Then the 1 gallon all purpose cleaner / degreaser is a water-based cleaner formulated to remove grease, oil, and carbon from your surfaces. Insert the 1 oz. pump into these cleaners to accurately dispense your cleaning products. Keep your kitchen area and equipment clean and sanitized using these cleaners, or even use them in front of house to clean tables, chairs, and countertops.

The two 6 qt. pails are the perfect size for mixing cleaning solutions and carrying them with you. Use the gradations on the inside of the pails to accurately measure your cleaning solutions, and the green and red colors ensure you use the color-coded system to stop cross contamination. For best results, use the reusable blue or white wiper, keep it folded, and wipe down your surfaces using a circular motion. Gentle enough to use on multiple surfaces, but tough enough to clean a variety of different spills with ease, this wiper is essential for maintaining a sanitary work environment.

Kit Includes:
- 1 gallon sanitizer
- 1 gallon all purpose cleaner / degreaser
- Blue foodservice wipers
- White foodservice wipers
- Quaternary test strips
- (2) 6 qt. green cleaning pails
- (2) 6 qt. red sanitizing pails
- (2) 1 oz. pump dispensers


Product Reviews

- bookery inc

a standard kit that you need to sanitize your work area. It has almost everything in it. four buckets which is a more than enough.

- robert wilkinson

Excellent value, almost everything you need to keep your restaurant clean. Buckets are high quality. The wipers are great and the included pumps can be a huge time saver.

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